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Bomonti Residences
Being  part of the Sisli neighbourhood, Bomonti is best known as being one of the first light industrial zones in Istanbul, and was later home…
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Why is Turkey a good choice for Real Estate Investment?
You may have heard about, or read in the press, that Turkey is one of the upcoming countries in the world, when it comes to…
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Why Invest in …….?
Investing in Istanbul Real Estate is one of the best decisions you can make.  Due to the central and unique location of Istanbul, the history,…
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Return On Your Investment in Istanbul
One question everyone asks, when thinking about investing in Istanbul, is ‘how much return can I expect to receive?” and so this article sets out…
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How to plan your Real Estate Investment in Turkey
Once you have decided that Turkey is right for your next investment, you will have many questions regarding the how’s, the when’s, the where’s and…
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How UDTURKEY works and how we can help foreign investors in Turkey?
UDTurkey (United Developers of Turkey) is a unique concept and Turkey’s only real estate portal for International buyers.   Working as a joint venture, in…
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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment
Following the relaxation of the Citizenship by Investment law in Turkey in December 2018, many investors are taking advantage of the fact that, for an…
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Turkish Airlines plans to reopen a limited number of flights
Turkish Airlines will fly to just 19 countries next month. Slowly develop the service to 99 countries by September, according to an outline plan.
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Must see Places in Istanbul
Istanbul, founded around 1000 BC, has been a home to various empires. It is located both Europe and Asia, so it…
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Real Estate Market in Kucukcekmece
Kucukcekmece recently is one of the most popular real estate areas. Both domestic and global buyers, who are searching for an…
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