3.Istanbul 2 Bedroom Basaksehir, İstanbul

227,000$ /Starting Price | %85 DP , 12 months installment
Property type: 2 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2020


3.Istanbul Projec Information (2 bedroom)

3.Istanbul project is the biggest project in Basaksehir it has four different phases and it is very close to the new city’s main hubs, businesses and residential neighborhoods. It’s also 12 minutes away from the new Istanbul Airport. It promises to be the best project in Basaksehir for families and investors. Giving easy access to all public transportations and main highways in Istanbul.
We assure you that every moment of the day filled with fun and joy with your family at 3. Istanbul project, the project consists of 60% green areas and social facilities. It designed especially for your comfort and privacy, all the facilities in the project are separated for men and women. 3.Istanbul shopping area will be your meeting point with its stores, cafes and restaurants, giving you the pleasure of outdoor shopping.
Partnering with luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.

3.Istanbul Project Location Info

Başakşehir is one of the most preferred districts of foreign nationals in Turkey. Due to the fact that the district is a region that receives intense immigration, the proportion of people who speak Arabic, Russian, English and French is high. Due to the immigration from the Middle East and Africa, there are many Arabic, French and English speakers. Russian, on the other hand, is generally spoken by Central Asian Turks, as well as by peoples who migrated from Russia. Due to the large Arab population, there are private schools for Arabs in the region. 3.Istanbul 2 bedroom


Fuzul Construction

Fuzul Group has been established in the year 1992. Fuzul Otomotiv, which has been the first to start activities among the group companies, has become a leader in a very short time among the companies which organize automobile campaigns. Fuzul Group companies include Akva Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri (Akva Insurance Brokerage Services), Fuzul Yapı, (Fuzul Construction) Nevita, Afiyet Medical, and FuzulEv (Fuzul House) . Fuzul Yapı has made important investments in construction sector since 2000 with the objective of creating habitable areas. Our company has realized numerous successful projects such as ““Bizimevler, Kent Neriva, Kent Ariva, Olimpa AVM, Kent Evila, Olimpia Park Plus, Vadi Yaka” in Başakşehir District, ” Meva Evleri (Meva Houses)” project in Kağıthane District and “Serrapark Konutları (Serrapark Houses)” in Kartal District and caused thousands of families to have homes and workplaces.


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