Buyuk Yalı Fendi 3 Bedroom

1,772,000$ /Starting Price | Cash
Developer Ozak GYO
Property type: 3 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2020


Fendi 3 Bedroom

Buyukyali Fendi is a project that respects history and culture, and is consonant with the urban texture of Istanbul. It has an innovative spirit that synthesizes modern lines with traditional architecture.

While designing Büyükyalı, we started out from the “New Urbanism” movement, which is acknowledged all around the world and aims to improve the quality of city life. We planned a way of life that respects human nature, and we took car traffic underground and built pedestrian paths, parks and gardens. The vibrant, colorful and green squares within walking distance from residences host many social and art events. We are focusing on the concept of a warm neighborhood life by bringing together people from different ages and tastes at common spaces such as the bazaar, restaurant and kindergarten.

We have used quality products in exterior and interior architecture, and attached great importance to landscape design as well. Based on this, we planned large interior gardens and green courtyards with a wide variety of high-quality plants. We have designed a bridge that provides direct connection to the seaside and coastal road so that Buyukyali Fendi residents can easily reach the beautiful blue waters of Istanbul with its 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom options. Providing “A Good Life” to residents with many opportunities, Büyükyalı reflects Istanbul’s timeless spirit through contemporary architecture that adapts to the urban fabric. Büyükyalı, which we designed with “New Urbanism” perspective, opens doors to a new life that respects our human side.

The Büyükyalı project plan was drawn by the British architectural company Chapman Taylor, which has earned more than 200 international awards. Keen on creating projects which add value to life and are respectable to the nature, Chapman Taylor offers architectural solutions that reflect the timeless spirit, historical texture and warm neighborhood life of Istanbul on to Büyükyalı. Based on the “New Urbanizm” approach which aims at increasing the quality of life, Büyükyalı opens the doors of a brand new life blended by green and blue which respects the nature, history and humans.

Chapman Taylor undertakes the main architectural project and a strong team of over 40 architects and engineers and more than 10 scholars who are all distinguished names in their field, is working for Büyükyalı with a shared wisdom from the first day on. Both Turkey’s and world’s leading names put their experience and know-how for Büyükyalı to offer “a good life.”

3+1 Min Price $1.656.000

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Ozak GYO

Ozak Group is one of the prestigious firms in the Turkish construction sector who is represented by our organization UDTURKEY. United Developers of Turkey is a joint venture, established by the agreement of the foremost construction companies in Turkey, to work together, to provide the best investment options for International investors in the Turkish Real Estate market. United Developers of Turkey has one aim: to create a direct sales channel from developers to investors. Because of our unique arrangement, we can guarantee the best prices in the market!


Unit Living Area Bedrooms Starting Price
Buyuk Yali 5 Bedroom 333 5 Bedroom 3,985,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yali, 1 Bedroom 54 1 Bedroom 513,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yali Fendi 4 Bedroom 284 4 Bedroom 3,222,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yalı, Loft Villa 350 Villa 2,428,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yalı Fendi 2 Bedroom 145 2 Bedroom 1,391,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yali 4 Bedroom 208 4 Bedroom 1,962,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yali 3 Bedroom 163 3 Bedroom 1,192,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yali 2 Bedroom 110 2 Bedroom 761,000$ Detail
Buyuk Yalı Fendi 3 Bedroom 200 3 Bedroom 1,772,000$

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Buyukyali Zeytinburnu, İstanbul
477,000$ /Starting Price | Cash
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