Dusler Vadisi Riva 4 Bedroom Riva, Beykoz, İstanbul

Property type: 4 Bedroom


Dusler Vadisi Riva Project 3+1 (4 bedroom)

A villa project with a unique location in Istanbul, on the Asian side, in the Beykoz region. The project has a great view of the black sea and the forset of Riva, large green areas in a central point and close to the most important shopping centers, maın roads and historical area in Istanbul within 30km distance you can be anywhere.

  The total area of ​​the project is 1.157.000m² 70% of the area is green.

  The project has: 8 mountain A – B – C – D -E – F – G – H each villa will be doublex or triplex.

The total number of villas is 1400 all-villa will be delivered shill and core villa type’s : 4 + 1 (4 bedroom)= 289 m² 4 + 2 = 323 m² 5 + 1 = 443 m² 5 + 2 = 495 m²

Social services and facilities for the project Dusler Vadisi Riva : 1_ mosque 2_An open & close swimming pool 3_Sport club 4_Turkish bath 5_Sauna 6_steam room 7_Private parking 8_school’s 9-marina 10- golf course and much more to have your luxury lifestyle with our project location: 1_ Close to the black sea, with a walking distance of 20 minutes 2_ 3rd bridge 5 km 3_ city center 30 km 4_ forest 3 km.

With its river, historical castle, untouched forestries and fresh air, it has become the most attractive region of Istanbul as the result of increasing interest in natural life and low-rise horizontal architecture in recent years; formerly known as Rhebas, now known as Riva …

This charming coastal town of Beykoz, which hosts Dusler Vadisi Riva, stands out with its ground stability as well as its green-rich villa life in touch with nature. Those who come to Riva, the paradise coast of the Black Sea, have the opportunity to meet the privileged life of Istanbul built on solid ground.

Villa Plans:

dusler vadisi riva 3 bedroom

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