Hep Residence 2 Bedroom Kagithane, İstanbul

Property type: 2 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2022
  • Delivery Date: December 2022 (Title Deed Ready)


Hep Residence 2 Bedroom


Your dream house is rising in Kagithane, in center of Istanbul. HEP RESIDENCE,

which is rising in the center of Istanbul, also located in the center of transportation, education, health services and shopping, shortly right in the middle of life.


To what kind of a life your dream house is opening its doors?

Right in the center of the city, without traffic issues, close to work and school, with modern architecture, technological structure, earthquake resistance, safe. Besides transportation, education and health services; it is also right in the center of sports, art, shopping and entertainment. If your dream house is opening its doors to such life, you are in the right place


Dinner at sunset… You seem to say ‘‘When the evening comes,

let’s get out of work and have some good dinner’’.

At the most beautiful hour of spring, when the sun turns into red, at Hep Terrace Lounge, not too crowded, not too alone, while sitting with your loved ones, a line from Cahit Sıtkı comes to mind; ‘’You were saying evening, here is the evening’’. Hep Terrace Lounge accompanies you not only with dinners but also with every meals of the day with its delicious foods. It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy terrace in winter, thanks to its glass balcony system


Doing sport opportunity you have always wished has come to your Terrace!

The most beautiful day is the day on the calendar, the most beautiful evening is the evening you run towards to the Sun.  Hep Fitness gives you the opportunity to do sports while enjoying a delightful landscape. Either in sunset or in sunshine. It also provides many sport options such as swimming, archery, football, Far East sports, tennis, and volleyball in IBB Yahya Kemal Facilities which is in walking distance. It also provides health service, car park, restaurant, masjid and changing room inside the facility.


Draws attention with outer beauty and glamorizes with inner beauty…

Always quality and comfort…

HEP RESIDENCE which consists of different square meters, different plans and provides living space appealing to every pleasure; combines materials proper for current trends, light interiors and delightful landscape.


For a good life, it provides a good plan,

apartments designed as 66 m2, 129 m2, 1+1 (1 bedroom) and 2+1 (2 bedroom), alternative plans creating different solutions for different needs. HEP RESIDENCE provides a big investment opportunity with little square meters but high added value, in the center of Istanbul, with its 144 life units and 9 commercial units


All of your needs are under your house!

In the stores of HEP CARSI which was designed to meet all needs of HEP RESIDENCE residents, priority is planned to be given to sectors which serves general needs, such as supermarket, pharmacy, hair salons, café, dry cleaners and ATM services. Also, 9 stores on the street wait for their owners who will benefit from advantaged conditions if they act early.

You are important to us…

HEP RESIDENCE makes your life easier with its entry-out system from one point, private security 7/24, cameras inside the site and two floored car park, it also makes your life more enjoyable with its restaurant and fitness salon in the terrace floor.

2+1 Min Price $284.700

Flat Plans for Hep Residence 2 Bedroom:

hep residence 2bedroom

Heperz Construction

HEPERZ Construction has become a sign of assurance with its realized projects. It presents its aim as aiming importantduties in needs of Turkey’s and World’s public works and to complete them, with its strong financial structure and right strategies. HEPERZ Construction, who aims increasing their customers’ life quality and planned urbanization, adds value to areas where they invest to. The construction, since its foundation to today, has assumed many construction businesses of superstructure and substructure and landscaping and has completed them successfully.  


Unit Living Area Bedrooms Starting Price
Hep Residence 1 Bedroom 66 1 Bedroom 255,000$ Detail
Hep Residence 2 Bedroom 103 2 Bedroom 300,000$

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