Nef Kandilli 2.5 Bedroom Kandilli, İstanbul

849,999$ /%50 DP, 36 months installment
Property type: 2.5 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2020


A pier on the beach, mansions on the streets, plane trees everywhere. And the palace which served emperors. This is Kandilli. One of the most unique districts in Istanbul.

2.5 +1 Min Price $650.000

Floor Plan

Nef Real Estate

Nef Real Estate, a real estate brand from Timur Holding established in 2010, makes use of even the smallest of spaces to design areas for sophisticated living. Over its short lifetime, Nef real estate has taken on multiple large projects. It carries out numerous surveys and investigations with experts and businesses to analyse sectoral requirements in Turkey and cities across the world. Nef works to meet the expectations of its target market, by making those expectations the focal point of its designs. A breath of fresh air in the real estate sector, Nef is rethinking the whole value-added chain, in sales as well as marketing. Nef works with four of the ten leading architectural firms in the world, and is one of the most prominent real estate firms. It prioritises even the smallest of details inside and out, from electric keys to door handles. Now, Nef is carrying it’s own…


Unit Living Area Bedrooms Starting Price
Nef Kandilli 3 Bedroom 181 3 Bedroom 750,000$ Detail
Nef Kandilli 4 Bedroom 235 4 Bedroom 950,000$ Detail
Nef Kandilli 2.5 Bedroom 157 2.5 Bedroom 849,999$

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Nef Kandilli
Nef Kandilli Kandilli, İstanbul
650,000$ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 36 month installment
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