Qadraj Gözdağı 1 Bedroom Pendik

Property type: 1 Bedroom
Area (M 2)


Qadraj Project and a life sought and longed for in Gözdağı, one of the most distinguished areas of Istanbul, with a lush forest behind and the view of the blue Marmara Sea and Princes’ Islands in front. Fresh and oxygen-full air of Gözdağı is accompanied the Marmara Sea and unique with its uninterrupted panoramic view of Istanbul city. Project gives you peaceful and luxurious areas inside the complex, you can feel peaceful and modern while you are living in your new home. Also, Qadraj Gözdağı, an extension of the Aydos forest, is right next to you, you can either accompany the rustle of the trees by singing at your home, or take a walk in the forest. Nature is waiting for your esteemed side with its unique beauty every hour of the day. Project offers your valued side what you are exactly looking for: a life in nature.

Qadraj offers 90m2 as gross and 116m2 as net. You can choose to live in İstanbul with this peaceful project and flats.

  • 10 minutes to Subway
  • 15 minutes to University
  • 10 minutes to Main Road
  • 5 minutes to Forest
  • 10 minutes to Marmara Hospital
  • 15 minutes to Shopping Centers

Turkey Real Estate Citizenship Programs

The Turkish Citizenship investment program allows investors to buy both Asian Side and European markets. Turkey is a perfect place where you can buy an apartment in Istanbul for living or making a good investment . The Turkish real estate sector is growing day by day. This house for sale is totally valid for Turkish Citizenship applications, and the flat price and the official valuation will be the value required for a Citizenship application, which means that this house can be regarded as an ideal investment opportunity for Turkish Citizenship.  When you have kept the flat  for 3 years, you will undoubtedly be able to sell it with a very good profit.






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Hill Construction Inc. With its 30 years of construction experience in the sector, it is among the leaders of the contracting and real estate investment sector of our country until today. Hill İnşaat A.Ş’s luxury residences, office buildings, residences, shopping malls, public sector and special-purpose projects are among the projects that were awarded at the international level and appreciated by the industry. Among the main features of Hill İnşaat A.Ş.’s projects are; high quality of life, advanced environmental awareness, ergonomic, functional and aesthetic designs, our sensitivity to architectural traditions and human values ​​as well as innovative in construction techniques are among our primary principles.
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