Seyran Sehir, 2 Bedroom Basaksehir, İstanbul

289,934$ /Starting Price/Cash
Property type: 2 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2021


Seyran Sehir 2 Bedroom

Seyran Sehir, which is built on approximately 25,000 m² of land in Basaksehir, consists of 220 flats in 7 blocks. In this project, which was designed on the concept of “One House, One Family”, we offer different apartment alternatives with varying sizes from 121 m² to 326 m², 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1, considering their suitability for the Turkish family structure.

In Seyran Sehir, 80% of which is allocated as green areas, green areas equipped with a wide variety of landscape elements, restaurants and cafes, street stores where you can shop, parking garages, indoor and outdoor sports fields, indoor swimming pools specially designed for 220 houses and 220 families, fitness There are social facilities including saloons, Turkish bath, Finnish bath, sauna and steam rooms.

Başakşehir is one of the districts most preferred by foreign citizens in Turkey. Due to the fact that the district is a region that receives intense immigration, the proportion of people who speak Arabic, Russian, English and French is high. Due to the immigration from the Middle East and Africa, there are many Arabic, French and English speakers. Russian, on the other hand, is generally spoken by the peoples who migrated from Russia, as well as the Central Asian Turks. Due to the large Arab population, there are private schools for Arabs in the region. Seyran Sehir 2 bedroom.

2+1 Min Price 3.502.000TL – Max Price 3.527.000TL

Makro Construction

To continue our production as Makro Construction in the domestic and foreign projects to realized without any concessions from our principles of high quality production and timely delivery. Adding value also to our investors via negotiating on prices which will be profitable for the suppliers as well. Constitute modern and viable environments preserving the conventional family values. To plan, carry out, extend and continuously improve the branding process while sustaining our sales and post-delivery customer satisfaction ratio at highest level. In parallel to these, to become a pioneering company in the sector on every issue.We prefer becoming known for high quality works rather than broadcasting higher number of advertisements. We prefer becoming known for high quality works rather than broadcasting higher number of advertisements.  
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