Alya Dolunay 5 Bedroom

870,000$ /50% DP 18 month installment
Developer Boss4
Property type: 5 + 2 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Payment Term: %50 DP 18 Month Installment


Alya Dolunay  5 Bedroom (5+2)

Alya Dolunay is located in the center of Beylikduzu, in the middle of life, next to the Valley of life and shopping centers, one-stop beyond to all your needs.

The area where you will spend the most time with your family and valuable guests.

Spacious and convenient design that can be designed according to every taste. Alya Dolunay is the most luxurious project in the region because we know very well that details are important to you..


Beylikdüzü is the one of the most cosmopolitan districts of Istanbul, thus hosting a mosaic of different cultures of Turkey together with people from other countries. Beylikdüzü matches the European cities with its high green space per person. The green space is over 10M² per person in Beylikdüzü. Almost in every street and avenue trees are planted at equal distance; making the whole neighborhood as an open-air museum. The construction of the botanical park in the huge valley between Adnan Kahveci and Cumhuriyet neighbourhood is still going on.

Istanbul Seafood Wholesale Market Hall in Kumkapı (in historical peninsula) is planned to be established in its new and bigger complex in Beylikdüzü.However, people with environmental awareness in Beylikdüzü have a concern that the new seafood market which is planned to be constructed by land reclamation on the Gürpinar coast of Beylikdüzü, can disturb the natural underwater current which cleans the Büyükçekmece Bay. Environmentalist people fear that having stopped the currents the bay can turn into a sewage zone and lost all its beauty. Plus some experts claim that the seafood supply is mostly carried from the land not from the sea so it will add an unnecessary traffic pressure on the Beylikdüzü’s existing road system.

Alya Dolunay 5 Bedroom Flat Plan:

Alya Dolunay 5 Bedroom


Boss4 Gayrimenkul With its major investments and operations in various sectors in Turkey since 1993 including textile, knitting, and chemicals, Akkuş Group maintains its presence in the construction sector with Akkuş Real Estate. Operating mostly with its residential projects in Beylikdüzü and commercial area projects in Avcılar and Bahçelievler, Akkuş Real Estate has created several prestigious, innovative, and environmentally friendly projects. Approaching the real estate sector with a holistic approach and engaging in diverse activities such as land sales, high-quality real estate development and a variety of investments, Akkuş Real Estate has created Alya Residence, Alya Trio, Alya Penta and Alya Grandis projects, all of which have resonated with the real estate community. The Lebanon-based El Khatip Group, established in 1993, has engaged in construction, commerce, infrastructure, and agriculture industries, importing construction materials from China and Turkey, and creating investment portfolios for major investors. Planning to expand their business both…


Unit Living Area Bedrooms Starting Price
Alya Dolunay 3 Bedroom 183 3 Bedroom 465,000$ Detail
Alya Dolunay 5 Bedroom 345 5 + 2 Bedroom 870,000$

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