Boss4 Gayrimenkul

With its major investments and operations in various sectors in Turkey since 1993 including textile, knitting, and chemicals, Akkuş Group maintains its presence in the construction sector with Akkuş Real Estate.

Operating mostly with its residential projects in Beylikdüzü and commercial area projects in Avcılar and Bahçelievler, Akkuş Real Estate has created several prestigious, innovative, and environmentally friendly projects.

Approaching the real estate sector with a holistic approach and engaging in diverse activities such as land sales, high-quality real estate development and a variety of investments, Akkuş Real Estate has created Alya Residence, Alya Trio, Alya Penta and Alya Grandis projects, all of which have resonated with the real estate community.

The Lebanon-based El Khatip Group, established in 1993, has engaged in construction, commerce, infrastructure, and agriculture industries, importing construction materials from China and Turkey, and creating investment portfolios for major investors.

Planning to expand their business both inside and outside Lebanon, El Khatip Group established a new partnership in Turkey.

In order to enhance the standards in Turkey’s construction sector and provide modern inhabitable living areas to urban citizens, Akkuş Real Estate and Lebanon-based El Khatip Group joined forces under the title of Boss4 Gayrimenkul İnşaat San. A.Ş. in 2017.

Life at Alya Grandis, which is a product of this partnership, began in October 2019. In addition, the Alya Onist and Alya Marin projects, which are under construction in Beylikdüzü, will be delivered in 2020, and the Alya Teras project in Levent will be completed in 2021.

Developer Listings

alya bella
Alya Bella Beylikduzu, İstanbul
1,240,000$ /Cash 15% Discount
alya dolunay
Alya Dolunay Beylikduzu, İstanbul
465,000$ /50% DP 18 month installment
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