Babacan Royal Gold 2 Bedroom Basin Ekspres, İstanbul

277,044$ /Cash
Property type: 2 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Delivery Date: 2018


The best quality property, Babacan Port Royal is located in Basin Ekspres, Istanbul , this amazing real estate project opportunity in Turkey is waiting for you.

At Port Royal, you will have several privileges for your family and children. When you take a step in, you will be taking a step into not only one of the comfortable residences with different types. But also to the warmth of a family with lifelong tranquility. Considering all the finest details from the rising of the sun to the direction of wind…Port Royal maximizes the tranquility in your home. This detailed section consisted of 2+1 and 3+1 residences suitable to the Turkish family life opens a tranquil window to the Istanbul’s colorful life with its different line.

Babacan Port Royal : Deal for relieving from the tiredness of day

After a busy working day, it becomes a necessity for everyone to blow off stream and to enjoy the entertainment.

You will enjoy your time with your beloved ones and relieve from the tiredness of day and enrich your spare times with culture and entertainment through the special day celebration room, meeting room, organization room, entertainment room, Playstation and cinema rooms designed comfortably.

Put aside the shopping experience you used to, and prepare yourself with brand new and more pleasant shopping at Port Royal.Shop Royal will lead the way for an entertaining world next to your house with modern stores, famous brands, cafes and restaurants.


Babacan Holding

Babacan Holding, which is distinguished by specific business models developed with quality focus, has been providing service since 2002 on the basis of sustainability with innovative integrated solutions in sector which provides service with trust on all shareholders and society. Vision To be leading brand which creates contemporary and quality living space for sustainable future. To improve our brand rankings in sectors of tourism, geothermal energy and logistic. Mission As a stable and reliable establishment in our business fields; Our goal is to contribute to all shareholders and our country with innovative applications by prioritizing social values, respecting for nature and environment. We value dynamism, innovations and creativity in our all business processes. On the way to future, we attach great importance to possessing family and moral values with awareness of importance of taking strength and lesson from past. We believe that the key of success is to work efficiently,…


Unit Living Area Bedrooms Starting Price
Babacan Royal Gold 1 Bedroom 55 1 Bedroom 255,329$ Detail
Babacan Royal Gold 2 Bedroom 89 2 Bedroom 277,044$

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