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Babacan Holding, which is distinguished by specific business models developed with quality focus, has been providing service since 2002 on the basis of sustainability with innovative integrated solutions in sector which provides service with trust on all shareholders and society. Vision To be leading brand which creates contemporary and quality living space for sustainable future. To improve our brand rankings in sectors of tourism, geothermal energy and logistic. Mission As a stable and reliable establishment in our business fields; Our goal is to contribute to all shareholders and our country with innovative applications by prioritizing social values, respecting for nature and environment. We value dynamism, innovations and creativity in our all business processes. On the way to future, we attach great importance to possessing family and moral values with awareness of importance of taking strength and lesson from past. We believe that the key of success is to work efficiently, disciplined and planned. We hold our values Our honor and our self-respect greatly. The principles of business ethics form the basis of our business life. Our administrative mentality depends on respect for human being. All of us believe that we have the right of saying something about every point which affect us and getting information. Babacan Holding adopt quality as a lifestyle. We target the highest level of quality in every job which we did and every service we provided. Customer is focal point of our sense of quality. We have spirit of entrepreneurship inside, which is open to world and change. To bring innovation to all our fields of work is our deep-rooted tradition. Our establishment continue our tradition of serving our organization in every aspect of social life as a result of our respect for community and environment. Human resource is the most important asset of us. Our purposes in human resources field are; forming our organization structure with people who are open to change, forming efficient and suitable to values of establishment, improving those people consistently with culture of perfection and transforming our establishment which our employees will be proud.

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Babacan Premium Esenyurt, İstanbul
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