Referans Beşiktaş 2 Bedroom Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Property type: 2 Bedroom
Area (M 2)
  • Land Size: 124 M 2


The Referans Beşiktaş Project is in unique location and architecture in the heart of Beşiktaş,
between the branches of 200-year-old trees reaching to the sky with the blue of the Bosphorus. The
Reference Beşiktaş Project, which will rise as a legacy for future generations, begins. It is offered to you
with the experience of Kiler REIT, which offers a limited number of privileged living comforts to the
maximum. In order to bring a special project to an elite district, an innovative approach is presented to
the district of deep-rooted history, drawn from the pens of master architects. The new jewel of
Istanbul, which has apartments with large gardens and terraces with private use areas, provides
unlimited entertainment with social facilities and allows families to spend time together, where you
can live in peace with 24/7 security, is on sale.

You can go to the Bosphorus, the blue center of history and today, among the history-
smelling streets of Beşiktaş, in the clean air of parks and trees, and enjoy the ferryboat in the view ofthe Bosphorus. In order to get away from traffic, which is one of the biggest problems of our age, rapid
access to important locations of the city can be provided by ferries and metro vehicles. It will make you
remember the convenience and practicality of living in the center with the schools, hospitals, historical
monuments and bazaars around.
Buses ( 100 mt )
– Metro ( 750 mt )
– Ferryboat ( 950 mt )
– E-5 Highway ( 2,5 km )
– Tem Highway ( 11 km )

Amerikan Hospital ( 850 mt )
– Sait Çiftçi Hospital ( 350 mt )
– Acıbadem Hospital ( 750 mt )

Yıldız Teknik University ( 900 mt )
– Bahçeşehir University ( 1 km )


Turkey Real Estate Citizenship Programs

The Turkish Citizenship investment program allows investors to buy both Asian Side and European markets. Turkey is a perfect place where you can buy an apartment in Istanbul for living or making a good investment . The Turkish real estate sector is growing day by day. This house for sale is totally valid for Turkish Citizenship applications, and the flat price and the official valuation will be the value required for a Citizenship application, which means that this house can be regarded as an ideal investment opportunity for Turkish Citizenship.  When you have kept the flat  for 3 years, you will undoubtedly be able to sell it with a very good profit. 

Kiler GYO

Kiler Family, in the management of development and construction works for the needs of the Group, in construction projects, preparation and service of websites, which is one of the most important elements of private works, for the right customers in Turkey, land and property purchases, store rentals, construction and purchasing. extensive items are used. Biskon Yapı’s local and construction works were completed with the completion of the in-group preparations and turned into a project. Completed the electrical, mechanical, heating, lighting, decoration and infrastructure works of 150,000 square meters of construction of more than 170 stores across Turkey and make them ready for service. With the experience gained from the construction and purchasing activities of Kiler Group retailers, it gained experience in terms of the features and needs that retailers look for in rental commercial properties, and with this experience, it started to invest in bazaars and shopping centers. In addition,…
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