Kiler Family, in the management of development and construction works for the needs of the Group, in construction projects, preparation and service of websites, which is one of the most important elements of private works, for the right customers in Turkey, land and property purchases, store rentals, construction and purchasing. extensive items are used. Biskon Yapı’s local and construction works were completed with the completion of the in-group preparations and turned into a project.

Completed the electrical, mechanical, heating, lighting, decoration and infrastructure works of 150,000 square meters of construction of more than 170 stores across Turkey and make them ready for service.

With the experience gained from the construction and purchasing activities of Kiler Group retailers, it gained experience in terms of the features and needs that retailers look for in rental commercial properties, and with this experience, it started to invest in bazaars and shopping centers.

In addition, it will be built in a residence that appeals to different shapes in different regions. By completing the construction of Istanbul Sapphire Residence and AVM, which represents the last point of real estate investment and development, and which is the highest (261m), most ambitious and most exclusive project of Turkey and Western Europe, the firsts and “most” installations of engineering land. approved for development.

The 1994 detailed review of real estate development and construction works will be examined in detail.

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