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Review: Nef Bahcelievler

When you’re buying a property, you might think of a lot of questions. We decided to start a property review series by considering your questions. The first project we will review is the Nef Bahcelievler of the Nef. In our article, we will answer the following general questions:
1. Who is the developer?
2. Where is it located?
3. What are its features?
4. How are properties in the sale?
5. What are the advantages?
6. Is it a suitable project for citizenship?
And we’ll answer more…

Developer: Nef

Nef, a real estate brand from Timur Holding that was established in 2010. It makes use of even the smallest of spaces to design areas for sophisticated living. Over its short lifetime, Nef has taken on multiple large projects. Nef carries out numerous surveys and investigations with experts and businesses to analyze sectoral requirements in Turkey and cities across the world. Nef works to meet the expectations of its target market; by making those expectations the focal point of its designs. A breath of fresh air in the real estate sector, Nef is rethinking the whole value-added chain, from sales to marketing.

Nef works with four of the ten leading architectural firms in the world and is one of the most prominent real estate firms. Also, it prioritizes even the smallest of details inside and out, from electric keys to door handles. Now, Nef is carrying its own success and experience world-wide through Nef Global platform.

Nef Global’s mission is to export its own design concepts and also, its brands of Nef Novu, Nef Reserve, Nesta to 10 major destinations in the next 5 years.And, Nef Global provides service in various avenues such as design, sales & marketing, real estate, and asset management. It is an inspiring brand and to leave a mark in the world’s major cities.

Nef Bahcelievler

Everyone feels nice at home. Home is where you are the most relaxed, the most you. Home gives you life. It is safe. Home is a safe haven after the most challenging moments in life. Home is life. Besides, it is the very place where the most beautiful moments, dreams, hopes, excitements emerge; where your loved ones are. Therefore, Nef believes that everyone should feel the happiest in their homes. Just like Nef Bahcelievler, providing happiness and full of ideas.


Nef awaits you in a deep green valley, right in the middle of the city center. It is close to all city links and transport. Also, it is near to the E5 and the Metrobus stop, as well as being walking distance from the Keresteciler tramway. Just a short distance away are the TEM, 15 July Martyr’s Bridge, and the Golden Horn Bridge.

Architecture of Nef Bahcelievler

A world where your house is designed by world-renowned architects. Your house will be the product of world-renowned architects and designers. Because Nef believes that a good design makes you feel better.

Through the landscape meticulously designed by imagining a life within nature, your house will be covered with green all around. The green landscape area to be located in the middle sections of the project will also be brought to the upper floors with floor and rooftop gardens.

The two inseparable colors of nature, blue and green, will co-exist. Social activity zones, entertainment, sports, and recreational areas will be placed among all blocks, right by the reflecting pool and on top of the miniature islands on the pool. Due to the curvilinear design of the project, the reflecting pool and the dense botanical landscaping that spread among the blocks will give you the feeling of wandering around a natural valley.

Property Design

Through the Design Series system, implemented exclusively by Nef, the facade and lobby of the buildings are not the only parts designed. We work with various designers and architects for each nef series and even the finest of details of each project are designed according to specific, individual needs. Both the buildings and such details as door handles and elevator buttons bear the signature of world-renowned designers and architects.


Nature will be right next to you in this beautiful project where you can find pleasant neighbors. Besides, you will be able to cook in wood oven and make a salad from your very own tomatoes, lettuce and mint. Have a little chat with your friends in the evening while drinking a cup of coffee at the café and browse through exclusive brands in the square. You will feel the missed neighborhood warmth every day in it.

Floor Plans

 1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom


For further information or advice about investing in Istanbul and the project, please call or message us. Besides, for more information please check out our FAQ page and services.

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