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Real Estate Market in Bakirkoy

Real estate market in Bakirkoy attracts attention of both domestic and foreign investors. The area is the first choice of owners of property who purchase for investment purposes. The area is in the west side of Istanbul(the European side) facing the Marmara Sea to the south, while the E-5 route passes through the north of the city.


Kucukcekmece was founded by Konstantin in 384 A.D. on Istanbul’s west side as a spot for a rural escape. In the area there are parts of several Rome and Byzantine sites. Several objects from the first Bronze Age in Ayamama Creek have also been discovered by archeologists. Different buildings constructed during the Suleyman the Magnificent era can be found on this peninsula, while the Carsi Mosque, which dates back to the 17th century, is the oldest building in the middle of Bakirkoy.

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real estate in bakirkoy


Bakirkoy is near to many domestic and global companies and plays a vital role in Istanbul’s economy. There are presently 132 bank branches in the middle of Bakirkoy and its numerous communities as a significant hub for the banking sector. The district is also home to the World Trade Centre, which displays Turkish export products.


Bakirkoy is host to several performing activities centers including five local cultural centers and two personal cultural centers where there are public events such as concerts, theatres, festivals and sporting events every year.

real estate in bakirkoy

Real Estate

Bakirkoy’s fifteen neighbourhoods have a large variety of property options. Because of that, real estate in Bakirkoy is very alive these years. For various reasons, the district appeals to numerous investors.

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