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Real Estate Market in Kucukcekmece

Kucukcekmece recently is one of the most popular real estate areas. Both domestic and global buyers, who are searching for an investment or house for living, are interested in properties in Kucukcekmece.


Kucukcekmece is located in European side of Istanbul. It is near to main highways such as Transit European Motorway (TEM-E80) and the D100 (E5). So, these offer a good connection between Asia and Europe. It is also located on Sirkeci to Europe’s railway network.


Kucukcekmece is Istanbul’s basis for ancient life. Because, studies conducted by many geologists and anthropologists has shown that the area has a pretty old history. Besides, anthropologists have even found evidence of prehistoric people living in the area.

Kucukcekmece enjoys a strategic location owing to its existence on the main road “Via Egnetia,” It links the Byzantine Empire with the Western territories and Europe. Because of its strategic location, it has been targeted by the Huns, the Bulgarians and the Crusaders within the history.

Most buildings in this region date back to Roman-Byzantine days. Because of that, geologists and anthropologists found the harbor system and the peninsula of the pier enclosed by a few kilometers of walls on the peninsula north of Kucukcekmece Lake.

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Citizens are now exploring the 7-kilometer lakeshore to experience events such as show-grounds, jogging tracks, cafes, picnic areas, etc. The city has cultural centers where people are prepared for social events such as concerts, theatres, markets, and Ramadan evenings. Moreover, Kucukcekmece holds numerous farmers ‘ markets on different days of the week for fresh and organic fruit and vegetables.

Real Estate

If you’re looking for a new home or an investment, you can consider Kucukcekmece. Above all, it has a wide range of real estate choices with its twenty-one neighborhood. Besides, the area maintains high-quality real estate choices to fulfill the needs of buyers.

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