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Real Estate Market in Silivri

Silivri is one of Istanbul’s 39 districts. Real estate market in Silivri attracts attention due to its peaceful and silent summer houses. Situated on the city’s European side. It is a district on the highway E-5, 69 kilometers west of downtown Istanbul. So, for those who want to get away from Istanbul’s dynamics, it is a coastal city and the most preferred zone. Certainly, Silivri is one of the districts which is away from Istanbul’s stress. It is the west gate of Istanbul and above all Silivri is the place to swim in a beautiful sea in Istanbul. Therefore, it is a well-known tourist destination in summer time.

Position of Silivri

Firstly, Silivri has the benefit of being at the entrance to Turkey’s biggest trade and manufacturing centers on important and well-known highways. Besides, it is linked with advanced highways to the large residential and industrial areas. So, the geographical position makes Silivri an investor-friendly city. Silivri has the benefits of being the entry point of Kocaeli and Istanbul, Turkey’s main shopping centers.

real estate market in silivri

Silivri’s daily life

In Silivri there are many hospitals and special health centers. Some are owned by the government and others are owned by a private corporation. Besides, the city has seven high schools. Primary and secondary schools also exist.

According to the findings of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) 2017 Address-Based Population Registration System, the population of Silivri is 180,524. However, the district population varies depending on winter and summer seasons.

real estate market in silivri

In Silivri, you can spend time with family and friends in entertainment areas. Also, you can spend time with your family in cafes, pubs, beaches, etc. This place gives you the opportunity to enjoy a mix of modern city life and breathtaking nature.

Real estate market

There are villas, apartments and luxury houses in Silivri. The real estate market area in Silivri consist of 8 towns and 18 villages. And each of them fulfills different standards. In Silivri you will find properties with high quality standards and in the best location to meet your expectations. Silivri has a wide variety of real estate options, whether you’re looking for your own home or an investment property.

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