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Real Estate Market in Sisli

Sisli is situated on the city’s European side. In recent years, real estate market activities in Sisli rises regularly because it is one of Istanbul’s most-known trading zones. Firstly, this region can be the center of business, finance, shopping, and culture-art. Besides, it’s neighboor to Besiktas, Sariyer, Eyup, Kagithane, and Beyoglu. In 2018, the Sisli district’s population was 271,000.


For a very long time, there was no structure in here. Sisli was established in the 18th century, after that, it used for hunting and farming. Then it became a prominent middle-class region in the late 19th century.

During this time, French architectural style was very popular. For that reason, they built high ceiling buildings on Sisli’s wide streets in that time. Besides, they made art nouveau wrought iron balconies. These buildings are still in the region of Sisli today. It was one of the first regions provided with electrical energy and natural gas in the late nineteenth century.

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Sisli is a place for shopping, retail, art and culture which provides public transport really well. Today, in Sisli’s large avenues, there are major trading spaces like offices, clothing stores and banks. Moreover, some of the large and best companies’ offices are in this area. Above all, the main road through Sisli is with Mecidiyekoy, Gayrettepe, Levent’ skyscrapers views.


real estate market in Sisli

Sisli can be considered as transportation center of Istanbul. It is close to Asia side with bus, metrobus, marmaray line and ferries but also it close to West side of Istanbul aswell. Location of the are is center of Istanbul and this enables to closeness to everywhere.

Daily Life

Sisli is home to many cultural art centers where every year there are social events like music festivals, theatres, and sporting events. There are also lots of educational institutions, universities and academies in the district of Sisli. Within the district lines, there are 14 pre-schools, 36 elementary schools and 29 secondary schools. The district of Sisli consists of 25 areas.

Shopping centers are important features of Sisli. It can be the best area for shopping in Istanbul. Most of popular shopping malls are located in here such as: Cevahir Mall, Trump Shopping Center, Kanyon Mall, Metrocity Mall and many others.

real estate market in Sisli

Real Estate

You can find properties in Sisli with high quality standards and an ideal place to meet your demands. Whether you’re hunting for your own house or investment property, there is a huge variety of real estate market in Sisli. Well-known medical, education and civic services operate in this district. In other sentences, for various reasons, Sisli’s real estate market tries to appeal to various investors. 

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