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Route Istanbul

route istanbul

Route Istanbul which has a wonderful location in terms of accessibility, is erecting in the most central cities of İstanbul, Ataköy!

Route Istanbul is just next to the most thoroughfare highway of the city, E5 Highway. It is just 10 minutes away from TEM Highway and Mahmutbey toll booths by Basın Express Road, 5 minutes way from coastal road

The world is within your arms reach with Ataturk Airport in 2 minutes distance and the entire city is within your arms reach with metro and metrobus stations in walking distance…

All materials and systems to be used shall be according to Turkish Standards and specifications or respective CE, etc. standards.

Structural Statics
RAFT FOUNDATION shall be built. The structure shall be reinforced concrete carcass.

Heating System and Domestic Hot Water
Residence apartments shall be heated by a central system with natural gas boilers for each block. In residence apartments premium aluminum radiators and premium aluminum towel warmers shall be installed. Each residence apartment shall be provided with domestic hot water. Heating and hot water energy consumptions shall be measured by calorimeters. They shall be shared through administration costs.

All residence apartments shall have an air-condition system.
Heating and cooling of commercial areas may be provided through VRV / mini VRV systems for each detached section by the PURCHASER after delivery. The placement of the outdoor units and piping are shown on the projects and they shall be implemented by the PURCHASER.

Domestic Water
Domestic water shall be provided by the water tank and boosters.

Residence apartments shall have forced exhaust from kitchens and wet areas.
Shutters in front of commercial areas for provision of fresh air and exhaustion of air shall be provided.

Fire Extinguishing
The whole project complex shall be installed according to the Turkish Fire Prevention Directive.

The energy for the Project Complex in accordance with the project shall be provided and generators shall be installed. At each apartment and in required locations of common spaces electronical meters, residual current devices, fire alarms and earthing system shall be installed.

Safety and Security
Entrance and exit shall be under control in the project complex. Moreover, there shall be enough number of security cameras to be equipped around the project complex and at the entrance and exits. All residence apartments shall be equipped with video intercom system.

Exterior facades
All blocks shall have jacketing, ceramic and / or composite coating at their exterior facades as envisaged in their projects.

Windows and Joinery
The residence apartments in blocks shall have aluminum joinery and double glazing.

All block roofs shall have waterproof and heatproof terraces and coated with free gravel, ceramics or epoxy-like material.

1+1 residence apartments shall be provided 1 vehicle, 2+1 residence apartments shall be provided 2 vehicle parking lots. An open carpark shall be used for stores, visitors, consumers and transient parking in the project complex. There may be changes in the layout of vehicle placement due technical requirements.

A and B blocks shall have each 4 passenger lifts and one freight elevator shall be installed in each block. The lifts shall have access to carpark floors.

Residence apartment entrance doors shall be made of veneered or lacquered steel. The interior doors shall be veneered or lacquered.


The living rooms and other rooms of residence apartments shall be furnished with laminate floor coverings.
Entrance halls, kitchens and bathrooms, all balconies shall be covered with ceramic equivalent tiles.

All residence apartments shall be applied plastic paint on plaster board suspended ceiling.

Interior Walls
Interior walls shall be made from gas concrete, brick, pumice concrete equivalent and / or plaster board etc. and painted. Ceramic tiles shall be applied in bathrooms.

Residence flat entrance doors shall be made of veneered or lacquered steel. The interior doors shall be veneered or lacquered.

Kitchens are equipped with cupboards covered with PVC or lacquer, acrylic countertop and kitchen sink.

There shall be 1st class and high quality sanitary ware, under bench cabinets covered with PVC or lacquer and mirror used in bathrooms.

The cloakroom and installation closets shall be lacquered or covered with membranes.

The workplaces shall be delivered without any application in basic structure.

List of Locations (Structural Features) was furnished to make the general definition of systems to be applied in the project Route İstanbul, to specify the general design criteria and to describe the materials to be used. Özyazıcı İnşaat reserves all rights for any changes to be made in the List of Locations in case of technical and administrative requirements.*Apartment shall be delivered without fixed-in products.

The visualizations, 3D drawings and schemas are intended for presentation purposes. ÖZYAZICI İNŞAAT reserves all rights for any changes to be made in case of technical and administrative requirements.

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