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Self Istanbul

People need to find themselves, not just their needs in the place they live. They should have fun as they wish. They should walk, run, play. They should do sports whenever they want. They should be alone at any time. They should have a chat and socialise with other people at any time. People must be themselves for their loved ones. This is our understanding of happiness … We offer you a life that you can be yourself. A life where you can be happy with your loved ones. Because people are happy where they can live like themselves.

Self Istanbul, 4 Bedroom Esenyurt, İstanbul
430,769$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 month installment
Self Istanbul, 3 Bedroom Esenyurt, İstanbul
348,719$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 month installment
Self Istanbul, 2 Bedroom Esenyurt, İstanbul
302,565$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 month installment
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