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Kordon Istanbul Project Review

vadi istanbul project review

Kordon Istanbul Project Review

Have you been looking for a house that you call home or an investment for your future? No need to further looking, you have just found one..Kordon Istanbul is a place where you can call home with your family and at the same time, it is a good investment here is the project review. The best quality property, Kordon İstanbul is located in Maslak, Istanbul. Starting from 1,425,000₺/cash, this amazing real estate project opportunity in Turkey, Istanbul is waiting for you.

In this article, we are going to answer the following questions.

1. Who is the developer?
2. Where is it located?
3. What are its features?
4. How are properties in the sale?
5. What are the advantages?
6. Is it a suitable project for citizenship?

And we’ll answer more…

1. Who is the developer of  Kordon İstanbul?

Ege Yapı, which laid its foundations in 2006, successfully realized the contracting and real estate development of many projects in Turkey and abroad such as housing, offices, hotels, shopping centers and educational institutions. As Ege Yapı, we have made it our duty to develop privileged projects that facilitate people’s lives and offer a better quality of life. In fulfilling our responsibility to our country and to future generations, in accordance with the universal conditions of our time, to the development of the country and we aim to produce projects and make investments that will contribute to the well-being of the community and provide employment opportunities. With the awareness that natural resources are precious treasures for us, we are shaping our projects under the concept of sustainable environment. Both in architectural solutions and in the Social Responsibility projects we take part in, we are going out of mediocrity and trying to be the best in the field of every work we do.

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Mesa Koz

mesa koz

The project Mesa Koz owned by Mesa Mesken Sanayi AS is a residential/commercial project.

The residence rises in Kadikoy’s Kozyatagi region’s Ataturk Avenue. Since the district and neighborhood are quite central locations in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the residential / commercial project attracts wide range of attention from various groups of residents and investors. The project is constituted on a single block architecture which contains 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 types of residences as well as a few commercial units that are designed in the type of stores. There will be 280 residential units built upon 8.279 sqm land area available in the project. The delivery date of these units is estimated as May 2021 by the company.

The project is located only walking distance away from Kozyatagi metro station of M4 line and only 5 minutes distance away from Bagdat Avenue of Kadikoy. Around the project there are hospitals, shopping centers, schools and public transportation tools scattered.

Some of the social availabilities within the project entail shopping center, underground car park, fitness center, children’s playground and recreational parks, elevator, 24/7 on duty security personnel and controlled entrance to the site.

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Self Istanbul

People need to find themselves, not just their needs in the place they live. They should have fun as they wish. They should walk, run, play. They should do sports whenever they want. They should be alone at any time. They should have a chat and socialise with other people at any time. People must be themselves for their loved ones. This is our understanding of happiness … We offer you a life that you can be yourself. A life where you can be happy with your loved ones. Because people are happy where they can live like themselves.

Self Istanbul, 4 Bedroom Esenyurt, İstanbul
430,769$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 month installment
Self Istanbul, 3 Bedroom Esenyurt, İstanbul
348,719$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 month installment
Self Istanbul, 2 Bedroom Esenyurt, İstanbul
302,565$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 month installment
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Route Istanbul

route istanbul

Route Istanbul which has a wonderful location in terms of accessibility, is erecting in the most central cities of İstanbul, Ataköy!

Route Istanbul is just next to the most thoroughfare highway of the city, E5 Highway. It is just 10 minutes away from TEM Highway and Mahmutbey toll booths by Basın Express Road, 5 minutes way from coastal road

The world is within your arms reach with Ataturk Airport in 2 minutes distance and the entire city is within your arms reach with metro and metrobus stations in walking distance…

All materials and systems to be used shall be according to Turkish Standards and specifications or respective CE, etc. standards.

Structural Statics
RAFT FOUNDATION shall be built. The structure shall be reinforced concrete carcass.

Heating System and Domestic Hot Water
Residence apartments shall be heated by a central system with natural gas boilers for each block. In residence apartments premium aluminum radiators and premium aluminum towel warmers shall be installed. Each residence apartment shall be provided with domestic hot water. Heating and hot water energy consumptions shall be measured by calorimeters. They shall be shared through administration costs.

All residence apartments shall have an air-condition system.
Heating and cooling of commercial areas may be provided through VRV / mini VRV systems for each detached section by the PURCHASER after delivery. The placement of the outdoor units and piping are shown on the projects and they shall be implemented by the PURCHASER.

Domestic Water
Domestic water shall be provided by the water tank and boosters.

Residence apartments shall have forced exhaust from kitchens and wet areas.
Shutters in front of commercial areas for provision of fresh air and exhaustion of air shall be provided.

Fire Extinguishing
The whole project complex shall be installed according to the Turkish Fire Prevention Directive.

The energy for the Project Complex in accordance with the project shall be provided and generators shall be installed. At each apartment and in required locations of common spaces electronical meters, residual current devices, fire alarms and earthing system shall be installed.

Safety and Security
Entrance and exit shall be under control in the project complex. Moreover, there shall be enough number of security cameras to be equipped around the project complex and at the entrance and exits. All residence apartments shall be equipped with video intercom system.

Exterior facades
All blocks shall have jacketing, ceramic and / or composite coating at their exterior facades as envisaged in their projects.

Windows and Joinery
The residence apartments in blocks shall have aluminum joinery and double glazing.

All block roofs shall have waterproof and heatproof terraces and coated with free gravel, ceramics or epoxy-like material.

1+1 residence apartments shall be provided 1 vehicle, 2+1 residence apartments shall be provided 2 vehicle parking lots. An open carpark shall be used for stores, visitors, consumers and transient parking in the project complex. There may be changes in the layout of vehicle placement due technical requirements.

A and B blocks shall have each 4 passenger lifts and one freight elevator shall be installed in each block. The lifts shall have access to carpark floors.

Residence apartment entrance doors shall be made of veneered or lacquered steel. The interior doors shall be veneered or lacquered.


The living rooms and other rooms of residence apartments shall be furnished with laminate floor coverings.
Entrance halls, kitchens and bathrooms, all balconies shall be covered with ceramic equivalent tiles.

All residence apartments shall be applied plastic paint on plaster board suspended ceiling.

Interior Walls
Interior walls shall be made from gas concrete, brick, pumice concrete equivalent and / or plaster board etc. and painted. Ceramic tiles shall be applied in bathrooms.

Residence flat entrance doors shall be made of veneered or lacquered steel. The interior doors shall be veneered or lacquered.

Kitchens are equipped with cupboards covered with PVC or lacquer, acrylic countertop and kitchen sink.

There shall be 1st class and high quality sanitary ware, under bench cabinets covered with PVC or lacquer and mirror used in bathrooms.

The cloakroom and installation closets shall be lacquered or covered with membranes.

The workplaces shall be delivered without any application in basic structure.

List of Locations (Structural Features) was furnished to make the general definition of systems to be applied in the project Route İstanbul, to specify the general design criteria and to describe the materials to be used. Özyazıcı İnşaat reserves all rights for any changes to be made in the List of Locations in case of technical and administrative requirements.*Apartment shall be delivered without fixed-in products.

The visualizations, 3D drawings and schemas are intended for presentation purposes. ÖZYAZICI İNŞAAT reserves all rights for any changes to be made in case of technical and administrative requirements.

Project’s Offer

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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment – Bomonti Residences by Rotana

Our project is being planned in the center of Şişli, fast growing Bomonti district. It’s been aimed to be one of the best examples of mixed-usage projects in Istanbul . It is one of the most comprehensive projects offers apartments , residence ,shopping stores , offices as well as a 5 stars hotel.

The project consists of 3 independent buildings , a 39 floors Tower and 2 other blocks, with 599 housing units, 60 offices , and 18 shops.

The project is located in the most popular district of Istanbul ,Bomonti ,the growing region that attracts investors attention, and recognized by easy access to most of the vital places in the city , and its proximity to the shopping centers, airports, city center, hospitals, universities and schools .

Special Offer

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Prime Istanbul

Prime Istanbul in , Turkey’s largest city hotel complex, 5,000 Performance & Convention Center and 488 luxury residential apartments coming together to create a unique living space. Hotels within the scope of the project; The Accor Group has more than 3,700 hotels, 480,000 rooms and 180,000 employees in 192 countries across 5 continents; The ecek Lux ıyla category will be operated by the Pullman Hotel and the 4-star Mercure Hotel brands.

Prime Istanbul Complex, which is one of the largest facilities operating in the world with Pullman and Mercure brands, also has a 3.000 m2 SPA and Wellness area, a multi-purpose Performance & Convention Center consisting of 60 different units. Prime Istanbul complex, which will serve more than 500,000 domestic and foreign people every year, will provide direct employment to around 1,000 people and aims to be one of the important addresses of international trade, culture, tourism and finance world. There are 488 residences located in Prime Istanbul Residences, where 5-star hotel comfort will be offered by Pullman Hotel. Preliminary records were also collected before the sale.


Prime Istanbul Residences, located in the Basin Express, describes the region where the TEM – E5 – Yeşilköy coast line and the Press Ekspres, Ataköy and Çobançeşme bands intersect the Prime Golden Axes Havalim. Prime Istanbul Residences offers 500 meters to E5, 3 km to the Airport and 5 km to Yeşilköy Marina, offering a healthy, peaceful and quality living environment.

prime istanbul
Prime Istanbul Bahcelievler, İstanbul
362,000$ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 6 months installment
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Adres Atakent Offer

When designing the Adres Atakent, we had a project that would make our families happy, so we brought together all the elements that would make the families happy.

E.g ; There are different apartment alternatives for different sized families. A total of 391 housing units with 2 + 1,3 + 1,4 + 1 apartment types are waiting for their new owners to turn into happy homes.

Adres Atakent is near to City Hospital, Basın Ekspres and Tem highway and only a few minutes away. Atatürk Airport is only 10 minutes away. It is easy to reach every point of Istanbul with just a metro.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and new constructed 3rd Airport is olso near with the connection to the North Highway.

At Adres Atakent, one of the privileges to crown the happiness of the families; abundance of green.

The large landscaped area, hiking trails among the flowers and the plant garden in the project square ensure that the smiles remain fresh. There is also a covered pool, a fitness room, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a children’s nursery and social facilities where you can spend time with friends. Adres Atakent is positioned as the rising star of Istanbul and the new center of the future which is appreciated every passing day and smiles the face of its owners in the profit scale.

For us it is the place where you and your loved ones are happy.

Project’s Offers

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Piyalepasa Istanbul

We are Rebuilding
a Neighborhood

We are working around the clock to transform a long-time dream, into reality. “Piyalepaşa İstanbul” will be the largest privately developed urban regeneration project in Turkey.

The Neighborhood We Have Been
Longing For is Coming to Life

The good old days of the Piyalepaşa neighborhood are being brought back to life with Piyalepaşa İstanbul’s houses, residences, offices, hotel and a pedestrianised shopping avenue. The wide streets of this 82.000 square meter development conveniently face the main boulevard in a prime Beyoglu location. “Piyalepaşa İstanbul” stands out as the only project designed to offer a neighborhood lifestyle, complete with its grocers, bagel sellers and greengrocers.

Piyalepaşa İstanbul has all the values to make it a true neighborhood, our very own neighborhood.

Restoring The Honor
Of Piyalepaşa

The Piyalepaşa district was named by the order of Suleiman the Magnificent 500 years ago in honor of his Chief Admiral, Mehmed Paşa. Today Piyalepaşa Istanbul restores the honor of this historical district with the “Piyalepaşa from Past To Present” exhibition that acknowledges this precious historical heritage. We are also planting seeds for socio-economic and cultural transformation by granting scholarships for high school and university students in our effort to build a bright future for the youth of the neighborhood.Piyalepaşa is being revived in the hands of those who acknowledge its value and respecting its history.

For information and of the 280 pages in the past in order to have contact with us today to Piyalepaşa work.

The City’s New Attraction
and Investor’s New Favorite

Piyalepaşa İstanbul is a ‘mixed-use’ concept containing all the elements for a lively social life with houses, residences, offices, hotel and its own high street shopping.

“Piyalepaşa Istanbul will take the liveliness of Istanbul into its heart. The elegant sparkle of Nisantasi, the young and colorful Beşiktaş, the variety and multicultural heritage of Istiklal Street will all be contained within the streets of this neighborhood.

“Piyalepaşa İstanbul” bears traces of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture from the Seljuks to the Ottomans and from Anatolia to Rumelia. With its graded facades, wide eaves, bay windows, pools and interior courtyard systems, it offers a new living space without disrupting the silhouette of the city and the neighborhood.

Project Details

Piyalepasa Istanbul, 4 Bedroom Beyoglu, İstanbul
1,318,175$ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 12 months installment
piyalepasa istanbul
Piyalepasa Istanbul Beyoglu, İstanbul
937,315$ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 12 months installment
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Taksim 360 Offer

taksim 360

Turkey’s centre Istanbul, Istanbul’s center Taksim; Taksim 360

The project is a mixed-use urban renewal development in İstanbul, in the most valuable region; Taksim. The project is rising on a 20.000 m2 area with 165.000 m2 construction area, 220 meter long facade along the wide boulevard, offering 952 residential, office and commercial units over at the heart of Istanbul’s historical, commercial and social centre. Çalık Gayrimenkul take the role of contractor in Project which is the Turkey’s first and biggest urban renewal project. All buildings are reinterpreted based on their original forms and modernized with shopping streets, entertainment centre, and car park facilities for over 1000 cars. Taksim 360 is awarded as Europe’s “Best Urban Renewal” project due to being attentive to the city’s architectural and historical texture in 18th International Property Awards in London.

In Taksim 360’s residences, where you can enjoy the delicate touches of history along with exclusive services and technologies of modern life, there are 659 residence units with distinct designs from studios up to 4 Bedroom. Penthouses with wide terraces have Istanbul’s glamorous city view. All the residences have housekeeping, valet parking, reception technical service, and concierge services provided 24/7.

New inspiration to your business life…

Taksim 360 will bring along a distinctive business and active social life as it offers mixed-use in the same space. It will offer a modern life center and an unique investment facilities. Taksim 360 Offices were designed to provide pleasant and efficient working environment with different sizes ranging from 70 m2 to 650 m2 . It offers a prestigious office life with its location at the city center, close to connection hubs.

Taksim 360 concept streets…

The pedestrian streets in Taksim 360 project, reach up to 1.4 km in total length, bring historical ambiance and modern life together, through the architectural approach and landscaping. Glamorous elegance of Nişantaşı, multicultural structure of Istiklal Avenue and the youth and liveliness of Beşiktaş come to life in Taksim 360. Shopping streets offer a unique shopping experience with best global brands. Cafes, distinguished world cuisine restaurants, art galleries and shops will create an atmosphere of recreation. The mix of art and culture together will be the new meeting point for those who wish to “experience Istanbul”

Project Layout

Taksim 360 2 Bedroom Taksim, İstanbul
770,000$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 months installment
Taksim 360, 1 Bedroom Taksim, İstanbul
590,000$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 months installment
Taksim 360
Taksim 360 Taksim, İstanbul
590,000$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 36 months installment
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Marina 24 Special Offer

Marina 24 Special Offer

Special campaign offer from Marina 24. List price was 4.470.000TL and it is 3.500.00 TL now for limited time.

Unit got full sea vies and 5+1 Duplex.

Marina 24 emerged from the thought of discovering the closest “home” to life. The family lifestyle of the modern urban people was handled over 24 hours by an innovative architecture. The “house” was redesigned not only to be a shelter but to live it. By being integrated with public spaces, “Home lifestyle” has been transformed into creative common space with different life experiences

United Developers of Turkey is a joint venture, established by the agreement of the foremost construction companies in Turkey, to work together, to provide the best investment options for International investors in the Turkish Real Estate market. United Developers of Turkey has one aim: to create a direct sales channel from developers to investors. Because of our unique arrangement, we can guarantee the best prices in the market!

Marina 24 Special Offer
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