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Real Estate Market in Kagithane

Kagithane is one of Istanbul’s 39 regions. It is situated on the city’s European side. Real estate market in Kagithane has become one of the city’s largest areas of real estate development. Also, Kağıthane has a central location, Sarıyer in the north, Beşiktaş in the north-east, Şişli in the south-east, Beyoğlu in the south-west and Eyüpsultan in the west of it.

The district’s history

The district was a woodland and a hunting location in the time of Suleyman the Magnificent. Back then, it wasn’t Kagithane, it was “Sabadad”. Mansions and summer palaces were built in the district during the 17th and 18th centuries.

real estate market in kagithane

Then, it became a region of factories between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Since it became a region of paper factories, its name has changed to Kagithane. In fact, by combining two words, the name Kagithane was developed. In Turkish, the word “Kagit” means “paper” and “hane” means “house.” Combining the two means “house of paper.”

Besides, the district has become one of Istanbul’s biggest real estate development areas now. It has become a chosen area for those looking for a home for investment or living purpose because of its central location.

For more information about its glorious history you can visit the website of Kagithane Municipality:

real estate market in kagithane

Real estate

Above all, the design of real estate involves a wide range of mixed-use projects, shopping mall, hotel, school, office or residential. So, in Kagithane, you will find properties with high quality standards and in the best location to meet your expectations.

Kagithane has a wide variety of real estate market options, whether you’re looking for your own home or an investment property. Hence, for various reasons, Kagithane’s real estate market appeals to various buyers.

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