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Turkish Citizenship Questions Top 15

The Turkish Investor Program is a privileged citizenship program that enables you, by investing in Turkish real estate, to receive a Turkish Citizenship with the right to live, work and enjoy easy access to Schengen countries. So, we responded to the 20 most frequently asked questions in 2019 on this topic.

How do I calculate the USD and TL exchange rate?

The Tapu Office will calculate the value of your investment on the date of your move, depending on the selling price of the Central Bank.

How long does the Turkish Passport process take?

The processing time is currently about 3 and 4 months, but the Turkish Government focuse to reduce this time.

Could I purchase rental-income commercial properties and still acquire Turkish Citizenship by investment?

Sure, any property you purchase will count towards your application for citizenship.

Applying and obtaining Turkish Citizenship seems a little complicated. Do you offer any help in this process?

Sure, our legal team of experts are available to assist you and help you through the process.

I have no time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish Citizenship?

Firstly, you just need to set up and send your Power of Attorney to Istanbul Government Projects. We can then follow all the processes, from the purchase of your property to your citizenship.

How many people may apply for on one Title Deed?

Only one person and family (spouse and children under 18) can obtain the Turkish Citizenship.

Before 20.09.2018, I bought property. May I apply to become a citizen?

Yes, if your investment was made before 20.09.2018, by investing a total of $1.000.000 you can apply for citizenship.

I purchased property before 20.09.2018. Can I apply for Turkish Citizenship through the transfer of ownership of my property?

Turkish laws prohibit the issuance of nationality through such transfers. Hence, to order to apply for Turkish Citizenship, you should sell your property and make a new investment.

If I become a Turkish citizen, do I need to complete the Turkish military service?

There are several ways to answer this question. Children under the age of 18, when they reach military age, will be forced to complete military service. It has a dual citizenship requirement; so you can choose between your two countries. For example, if in your own country you have already completed military service, you may need to prove it. Besides, for people over the age of 22, you need to ask at the application stage if there is a special condition for adequate information at the Directorate General of Population and Citizenship.

Which nationalities are able to qualify for Turkish passport?

Certainly, all nationalities that are able to buy property in Turkey can apply for Turkish citizenship through investment.

Can my mother and father get Turkish citizenship? What about my child over the age of 18?

Only if they buy property worth $250,000 or mor in their own name can they be eligible to apply.

I have an disabled child over the age of 18? What about the situation with him / her?

Every dependent person who is unable to take care of themselves can become Turkish citizens with their parents by submitting special application documents proving their disability.

What are the required citizenship documents?

Once you have purchased property with us, Istanbul Government Projects will help you supply all the necessary documents.

You say, the process of Turkish Citizenship could take six months. Do I get a residence permit during this process?

Yes. You and your family are granted a residence permit (no:6458/31-J).

Is there a critical point I should know about?

The Turkish Ministry wants to make sure that the value of the property is $250,000, and sworn property valuation firms have to verify that the price is right in order to avoid any price manipulation. Appraisers may have a deviation of up to 2-3 percent (difference) from the property selling price, for that reason, Istanbul Government Projects may advise you regarding property valuation.

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