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Turkey attracts the attention of many property buyers due to its rich culture, low cost of living and stunning scenery, and the number of people obtaining Turkish Citizenship by investment is growing each year. The country’s central location, Mediterranean climate and cultural proximity to the Arab culture, and one-of-a-kind experience are all key factors that drive tourists, as well as investors, to Turkey.

What Are The Benefits Of Turkish Citizenship?

  • No minimum stay in Turkey, citizenship is permanent
  • Your Turkish passport can be obtained between 3 to 6 months
  • You and your family will benefit from free education, be able to work and receive full medical treatment
  • You can travel visa-free to over 70 countries including Japan, South Korea, and South America with many other countries offering visa on arrival
  • Relocating to the UK or USA (as a Turkish citizen you can apply for a Business Person’s visa for UK and an Investor visa in the USA. If your goal is to eventually live in the UK or USA, then taking Turkish Citizenship can be your gateway.
  • You do not need to speak Turkish to obtain Turkish Citizenship (unlike many other countries), however, if you choose to live in Turkey we recommend you learn Turkish at least at basic level.
  • Dual Nationality and passport – You do not need to relinquish your current citizenship

How To Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

The Turkish government announced it’s Citizenship by Investment programme in 2018, in exchange for an investment of just $250,000 (previously was $500,000). NOTE THAT THIS AMOUNT WILL BE INCREASED TO $400,000 VERY SOON!

You must keep the property for a minum of 3 years,, after which you can sell it if you wish.

Citizenship will be granted to the applicant, spouse, and their children who are under 18 years .

UdTurkey is the first real estate platform in Turkey where you can buy properties direct from developers with no additional costs.  Our in house team will help you with all stages of your property and citizenship processes.

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