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What are the advantages of investment in Turkey?

Turkey has land in both Asia and Europe continents. The country has many beautiful features such as multicultural architecture, fascinating history, and geography. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for investment. Turkey is a developing country and the construction sector is one of the most growing areas in Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most well-known cities in Turkey. It is largest populated and most improved city in the coutry. We have illustrated advantages of investment in Turkey in this article.

1. Citizenship of Turkey

Turkish citizenship is the most important benefit of buying a property in Istanbul. There is a program called “The Turkish Investor Program” which is offered by Turkish government. It is an unique system of citizenship that requires you to obtain a Turkish Passport. In that way, you will have the right to live, work, and experience easy access to Schengen countries. Turkey declared in 2018 that you should pay $250,000 amount of investment to apply for citizenship.

advantages of investment in Turkey

2. Cheaper Real Estate Than Most Countries

If you are interested, this means that the most important part of your decision is costs. Turkey is a country where you can buy properties cheaper than most other countries, especially Europe. Investing in Turkey also has the benefit of obtaining a Turkish passport, as we described in the first chapter.

advantages of investment in Turkey

3. You will get a return from your investment

Investing in Turkey means investing in a project that has a good future. One of the advantages of investment in Turkey is investments in real estate are promising, particularly in a big city like Istanbul. Istanbul is the perfect investment if you want a return on your invest.

4. Living Cost

You will realize everyday wherever you live in Turkey, that life is more affordable than other countries. It ensures you are not only buying less expensive property than other countries, you will also live a more comfortable life than ever before.

advantages of investment in Turkey

5. Perfect Place for International Company Owners

Turkey is one of the world’s most popular countries. It is also, as we have already mentioned, a natural bridge connecting Asia and Europe. It has a lot of trade paths all through history. Today, Turkey still has a strategic position that is commercially vulnerable to Asia, Europe and Africa. If you do or intend to do an international work, it’s exceptional because of Turkey’s geographical location.

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