The history of Akzirve, having been operating in real estate and construction industry since 2010, dates back to the year 1992. The business in respect of manufacturing and investment, particularly in marble and ceramic fields, of the company, carried out for approximately 25 years.

Establishing its first plant in Antalya in 2000 and starting to manufacture and trade marble after purchasing marble quarries, Akzirve has accomplished a significant level of exportation in this field.

It is the new, powerful and dynamic company of the industry; accordingly, taking the targets for 2016-2020 period into consideration, it is in the middle and high level of the Popular and Premium product segment, and it will act as a residence, office and commercial unit developer. Akzirve has been investing in related matters to the real estate field for years and now it is an innovative and dynamic company eager to display its skills as a developer.


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Strada Bahcesehir Bahcesehir, İstanbul
180,000$ /Starting Price | Cash
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