A leading brand in the real estate industry since 1967, Ascioglu carried out various successful projects and enriched the city’s silhouette by creating the best buildings of each time period. Ascioglu now breathes new life into Istanbul’s architecture with the Selenium projects, providing an alternative lifestyle that unites the city and nature.

Our enduring success of more than half a century help us make a difference with the Selenium brand that has created the perception of luxurious contemporary architecture under the roof of Aşçıoğlu.

Following the latest global trends, Selenium projects offer quality and advanced technology while embracing the cultural heritage of their location.

Together with Ascioglu, which ran major projects in Istanbul and Dubai, Selenium will start a chain of projects that will create various concepts for every part of life. They will make lasting impressions across the world through massive future investments. The secret to our lasting success lies in our efficient strategy and our willingness to adapt to change. In our projects, we draw strength from our expertise and keep track of the latest technologies. We always set out to integrate new ideas to living spaces…

With 53 years of experience in real estate industry, Aşçıoğlu is known as a brand that keeps its promises. It fulfills people’s needs in a developing world and confidently adapts to new technology.

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