Bayraktar Construction established in 1973 on the way to a great heritage given by a respected and reliable past in the sector. Since its foundation, it has been successfully carrying out its projects with experience and expertise, corporate philosophy, quality policy. Commitment to ethical values ​​and culture of continuous development culture. Bayraktar Construction attaches importance to providing the best performance in every project it undertakes to provide customer satisfaction and flexible solutions for the needs. In this direction, it develops robust, safe and modern constructions that are consistent with legal regulations, norms and requirements.

With stable and stable structure, using all the technological possibilities with the efficiency given by unity and coexistence. Bayraktar Construction built with its quality management system, which does not compromise the environment, nature, greenery, occupational health and safety; industrial buildings, business and trade centers, public and cultural buildings, complex buildings, housing projects, hotels and shopping centers, health and education buildings, prefabricated and steel buildings.The ability to do turn-key work, the expert staff, the professional management staff on time to deliver the project is a source of pride.


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