Bayraktar Construction; devises the projects; which bring together the parts of the entire life, from a house full of kid’s laughers to an office with its signature on successful works, from life centers where the people like to spend time to the energy sources we need in every minute.

Bayraktar Construction; changes the standards of the business with its own standards in housing, shopping center, residence and office projects. It always analyzes the needs of people, business life and cozy home environment individually for the newer, better and proceeds the project firstly adding joy to the projects.

The Construction, leads the way on the tourism projects in the international standards; which became a symbol in Turkey; with its own and unique style. The amazing and appreciating projects of the Construction exemplifies the world with its innovator perspective.

Bayraktar Construction who works for providing the sustainable solutions to the energy need of Turkey with its investments on renewable energy. Bayraktar Construction experiences the pride of being the name behind the biggest thin film technology solar power plant in Turkey.



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