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Since 1972, Beyazlar Group has created “brand new beginnings” in perfect living spaces thanks to its projects based on happiness and it has found an admirable position in the market.

Beyazlar Construction (beyazlar group) regards living as a part of nature to be a basic need of humankind. It combines aesthetics and modernism masterfully to construct structures that are respectful to the environment and human being and these come out to be safe investments for the future.

We make our constructions using safe materials and innovative Technologies and we always harmonize these with transparency. Knowing clarity and honesty always bring about self-esteem. We have eternal trust and belief in our business and we are aware that the source of this power is you. Feel proud of your ever growing trust in each new step of ours.

Developer Listings

sehri beyaz
Sehr-i Beyaz Beylikduzu, İstanbul
170,000$ /Cash / 5% Discount
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