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Bilgili Holding completes important projects in the tourism and real estate sectors, routinely contributes to national tourism, and has developed exclusive venues that enrich the social lives of the people of Istanbul. Completed tourism investments include the W Istanbul Hotel in Akaretler and the Radisson BLU Conference & Airport Hotel Istanbul. Bilgili Holding also completed the Republika Academic Aparts, among the first new-generation living space projects specifically designated for university students. In addition, the Palazzo Corpi building at the former U.S. Embassy in Beyoglu became the new site of Soho House, a private members’ club for artists, designers and also intellectuals across Europe and North America.

As part of its collaboration with Doğuş Holding, Bilgili Holding—already adding value to Istanbul and Turkey with its cooperative projects—will introduce the first city park in Istanbul. The park designed to spark new energy around the natural environment, cultural life and art of the city, and will achieve this by hosting concerts and outdoor events. The completion of the Galataport Project (also known as the Salipazari Harbor Reach), which spans approximately 1,200 meters of the coastline from Karakoy to Tophane, will promote tourism as well, lifting Istanbul into the privileged circle of the world’s finest metropolises.


Developer Listings

the ritz carlton
The Ritz Carlton Nisantasi, İstanbul
1,344,002$ /%50 DP 12 months installment
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