Doga Madencilik


Powerful, prestigious and credible company that cares about the beauty of nature at every step, Doğa Group and Doga Madencilik.
Doga Madencilik, one of Doğa Group companies, creating for you the Pruva 34 which is wonder of The New World.
Pruva 34 is respectful to Mother Nature and combines unique textures of both city and nature together.

Pruva 34 is a world of wonders that does not harm the environment! Create your own stories in the unique view of the Bosphorus in nature and become a hero of your own fairy tale with Pruva 34. Every shades of blue and green come to life on Pruva 34.

Pruva 34 worked with 17 consultant to implement latest technology and trends and aim to make life easier.
Pruva 34 design fed by simplicity will be a bath to your eyes, also knows you more than anything with smart house solutions.


Developer Listings

pruva 34
Pruva 34 Bakirkoy, İstanbul
700,000$ /Starting Price | Cash
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