Company commercial activities, which started in Trabzon in the 1960s, continued in Istanbul in 1973 in the field of construction materials. At that time, we had the idea of ​​investing in ready-mixed concrete as our customer and market share were partially formed due to our continuous and close relations with the cement markets. During the periods when we received the investment incentive for the application, Set Beton A.Ş. firm was considering establishing a facility in the Hadımköy region; As a result of our attempts, it decided to give up establishing a facility and meet the concrete demand in the market through us. Thus, Onur İnşaat Malz. Singing. ve Tic. Inc. Our company, titled, stepped into the ready-mixed concrete sector in 1994.

After nearly 5 years of cooperation company, ended our cooperation with Set Beton in 1999 and we restructured rapidly. Onur Beton name, logo and registrations were determined. Work on the required standards has been completed. By accepting general customer satisfaction and quality production as our primary goal, we continue our efforts to become the leading brand in the sector.

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