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Ortadogu Group has commenced its commercial life with activities in the fields of construction and logistics in 1981 and its over 30 years history is full of many successful Turkey-wide and worldwide investments and projects.

Ortadoğu Construction, which has realized important construction projects of residential and commercial buildings both in Turkey and abroad, continues its activities in this field with its billion TL level housing project portfolio. Having completed many important projects such as Merkez Zekeriyaköy, Memorial Hospital, Middleist, Ortadoğu Plaza, Ortadoğu Business Center, Gönül Evleri, İstoç Shopping Mall; Ortadoğu Construction continues its current projects and makes preparatory work for land improvement and other important projects.

Ortadoğu Group, having taken the leadership role in the field of health services, with its “Memorial Hospital” project, set new and higher quality standards for the private sector’s health practices in Turkey. The Memorial Hospital has become the 21st hospital in the world and the first hospital in Turket accredited with JCI, which is the most important health services accreditation of the world. Today, Memorial Hospital has become an institution that people not only from Turkey but also from different parts of the world consult for treatments.

Ortadoğu Group started its renewable energy activities with “Landfill Gas-to-Energy Generation Plant” and established “Istanbul Landfill Gas-to-Energy Generation Plant” which is one of the top five biggest plants in the world and the biggest one in Europe.

As of today, Ortadoğu Group continues to produce innovative projects in the fields of Energy, Health, Food, International Trade and Environmental Technology along with the fields of Construction and Logistics.

Developer Listings

resim modern
Resim Modern Kagithane, İstanbul
18,132EUR /Starting Price | %50 DP, 12 months installment
yeni eyup evleri
Yeni Eyup Evleri Eyup, İstanbul
30,220EUR /Starting Price | 50%DP 6 month installment
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