Since 1987 we as Ozyazici have always created solutions, opened up new paths and said “have some courage”. We pursued extraordinary ideas and brought them to life… We have always been builders.. This is what we are made of…. As a company that has built thousands of homes we know that “People are like where they live”. “Home” is a person’s nest, family, youth, dreams, joy, memories… “Home” is life. This is why we compete with ourselves to “add a new meaning to life”. We strive always “to do better”… It is not difficult to understand a city, looking at its buildings. Many cities in the world are remembered by the famous structures in them. Buildings are a city’s character. We have assigned ourselves the duty of adding to our cities more modern, more social “Trademark Buildings” of better quality. Just stopping and looking back at the 23 years we have been active in the construction sector now gives us energy. When we need courage it is sufficient for us just to look at what we have done so far, seeing the happiness of thousands of families… We knew from the very first day that when we took a small step into this sector we would become one of the sector’s most reputable companies, signing some of the biggest projects in Turkey. Because we started out on our first day by saying “people first”. We built all our projects based on this principle. After years of experience and numerous projects we still don’t say “this is enough”. We are just as excited as we were on the first day, we still have much to learn, we still have many dreams and there are still many paths to be taken to enjoy life… This is what we are made of!

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