As Özyurtlar Group of Companies that entered into the business world with construction materials sales in construction and retail industry in 1990, we are the unique firm that led the establishment and awareness of the brand value of Esenyurt, a district of Istanbul.

The cornerstones of Özyurtlar Construction are Genç Girişimciler Sitesi in 2005; Tasarimcilar Sitesi in 2006; Tasarimciları Merkezi in 2007; Garden City project, consists of three phases, in 2008, and Ntepe projects in 2009 in Bogazkoy.

We introduce to the public in May, 2010 the Ntowers, and in December the Nmerkez projects. We began the project constructions of Özyurtlar Resicence in 2011 and NsehirEsenyurt in 2012.

As for 2013, we continue our progress in the industry with N5Suites, Ncity, Ncity Esenyurt, N cadde, 1Coastal City Projects; in 2014 Nlogo Istanbul, Ncadde Agora Projects; in 2016 Ncadde Ottoman Project, and now, in 2017 we continue our progress with Ardıçlı Meydan and Ödül İstanbul Projects.

As Özyurtlar Construction, we provide housing for 60.000 people in 27 years. Thanks to our consistent growth and professional crew, we have built 15.000 houses on a land of 1500.000m2 totally.

In the light of the developments we have followed from the foundation of the company to the date, we aim to contribute the Turkish economy, which continued its growth even during the economic changes in the sector and in difficult conditions.

With the help of our employees who effort to achieve the goals of the company, we are creating an organization with high performance. It is our most important vision to keep the service quality and customer satisfaction at the top level, with the integration of the continuous innovation and perfectness.

We owe our achievement to our excitement that regularly raise the bar in the industry and to you, our invaluable friends.


Developer Listings

odul istanbul
Odul Istanbul Esenyurt, İstanbul
128,629$ /Starting Price | %50 DP, 18 month installment
meydan ardicli
Meydan Ardicli Esenyurt, İstanbul
120,000$ /Starting Price | %40 DP, 18 months installment
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