Roya Yapi


ROYA yapi, the merger of 3 long-established companies that gained experience and expertise over the years in industries ranging from architecture to construction both in Turkey and abroad. Tago Mimarlık, ARED Yapı, and DRS Yapı combined the experience and knowledge they gained in the fields of project management, architectural design, construction, and real estate development and valuation under the roof of Roya Yapı.

As Roya Yapi, our basic principles are to work efficiently to add value to our projects and act in accordance with the innovation principle.

We hold our entire team responsible for the quality of the work, encourage teamwork, harmony, effectiveness and creativity, and improve our skills and quality concept through seminars and training sessions.

Our Quality Goal is to keep in touch with our customers, deliver the applications properly in a way that minimizes reworks and revisions, and to reduce costs by increasing the efficiency and reflect this on our customers.


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