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Sega Construction; was established in 2016 to undertake contracts in the field of contracting and construction. Since 2005, Aytor Yapı A.Ş. and Askon Investment Ltd. Sega Yapı were established in order to bring a different understanding to the sector as a member of the board of directors and partner of the companies that served as Sti. Our company, which operates in the whole of Istanbul, produces serious projects especially in the housing sector and gives confidence with its quality. Turnkey projects in every field of the housing sector are increasing day by day and are getting full marks from the project regions. Our company, which manufactures in accordance with today’s technology and products, welcomes its distinguished guests with the projects delivered above the quality-comfort level of the project region and the country in general.

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sega istanbul
Sega Istanbul Kucukcekmece, İstanbul
325,001$ /50% DP 12 Months Installment
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