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Established with the aim of developing large-scale projects in the construction industry, bringing new construction technologies to our country, and contributing to the modernization of our construction sector by following the latest innovations in technology, Solmazlar Yapi A.Ş. has achieved a respectable growth in the construction world with its professionalism, creativity and honesty characteristics that have continued since its establishment. has taken place.

The company management, which closely follows the developments and new demands in the sector, continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and financial experience. Our company, which continues to implement major engineering projects, has carried out many pioneering and exemplary, quality and innovative projects in various cities such as Istanbul and Izmir since its establishment.

Solmazlar Yapi A.Ş adopts the use of modern management techniques in all contracting and investment projects as its basic policy, preferring materials and workmanship with proven quality in the market and completing its projects on time. Providing the 3 E (Safety, Aesthetics and Economy) cycle, which is the basic principle in the construction sector, reflecting the developing technology to the sector and providing maximum quality and customer satisfaction with minimum cost, minimum profit margin, it provides full contracting service in the sector.

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