YGA Construciton


YGA Construction raises double-winged young individuals giving all of us hope for the future.
These young individuals grow their conscience wing and their knowledge wing while producing projects useful to humans.
They generate substantial solutions to the social challenges with the innovations they make.

More than 50 thousand high school and university students apply to YGA every year. 50 are selected
after 5-phased interviews. They receive training from YGA Dream Partners composed of scientists,
academicians and senior managers including names such as Prof. Aziz Sancar, Ali Koç, Faruk Eczacıbaşı,
Prof. Mehmet Toner, Prof. Kristi Raube and Prof. Doğan Cüceloğlu

Developer Listings

merkez hayat residence
Merkez Hayat Residence Sultanbeyli, İstanbul
211,819$ /50% DP 36 months installment 10%cash discount
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