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It is worth a lifetime even to watch hundreds tones of blues among fragrant bougainvillae and tangerine gardens. Settin its heart on Bodrum which is created as the most beautiful heaven of Aegean with its historical richness combined with natural beauties Cagdas Holding serves as a model for preservation of this history, development of art and architecture and transfering this tradition to the next generations.

The Cagdas Holding set up by Dear Yüksel Çağlar in 1987 in Istanbul has gained great respect and trust in the sector with its human and environementally sensitive attitude, its quality, services and developing technologies.

Çağdaş Holding that signs innovative projects in all sectors it serves by prioritizing customer satisfaction has directed its investments to Bodrum by setting up Çağdaş Conrete Plant in 1997.

As a company that has devoted itself to Bodrum.Çağdaş Holding also known as trust and quality in its sector with its 13 group companies and over 400 qualified personnel within the structure of company continues to break grounds by introducing Bodrum brand to Europe with its modern perspective and prestigious projects.

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