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1989. In parallel with the construction sites established in Yalova and Istanbul, Imamoglu Insaat decided to continue its activities in the center of Istanbul. Imamoglu Insaat continued its activities outside of Trabzon, primarily in Istanbul, under the management of Hasan İmamoğlu and Ekrem İmamoğlu. 1996. Continuing on his way by establishing new subsidiaries in the food and service sector, İmamoğlu started to make a name for himself while contributing to the development of the region, especially with the İmamoğlu 1, İmamoğlu 2 Sites and Zigana Houses projects he realized in Beylikdüzü. 2002. The Beykonaklar Project, which was created jointly with the Beykent University Faculty of Architecture, was started. 2006. The foundations of Moodcity, which is among the brand projects of Gürpınar with its modern architecture and innovative elements, were laid. 2008. Midpoint Project, one of the most successful examples of home and office concept, started to rise in Beykent. 2010. Zigana Panora 365, which is the indicator of the innovative face of İmamoğlu İnşaat and which is the first Loft project of Büyükçekmece, was put into practice.

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