In 1969 Mesa, then named as Mesa Mesken Sanayii, started its journey to add value to lives and be the “trailblazer” in the industry. Through bold and innovative steps, it continues to soar upon the shoulders of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have placed trust in the brand in almost every single area it operates. Creating designs that take into account a holistic approach towards house construction. The construction has introduced the “Branded Housing” concept, setting new standards and changing perceptions of housing estates.

Mesa involved in every production stage including its infrastructure works and landscaping from the initial design stage to its delivery and after delivery services. It has built and settled more than 100.000 houses on 12,000,000 square meters to date. All Mesa products are hallmarks of the company’s unique quality based vision. With a workforce of nearly 4,500 qualified employees strengthening the company’s core, Mesa affirms it’s stature as a strong corporate entity entrusted by all.


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